Pizza And Elvis In Las Vegas At Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Carlo from TasteMade’s online channel’s “All the Pizza” paid a visit to Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, and it is a MUST SEE if you’re thinking of getting married by Elvis in Vegas. We’re sharing a hilarious clip from the episode below.

Wacky and adorable Carlo WAS going to marry a pizza at our chapel, but even though marriage laws have become more open and inclusive, apparently they won’t let a person do that.

Enjoy this interview with Elvis, chatting inside the chapel over a slice, then getting goofy with a few operatic renditions of Elvis classics… You’ll learn a little bit about the history of Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel, and, between bites, Carlo asks some of the questions that couples ask us most when they arrive for their weddings.

Book your own Elvis Wedding with spectacular Pink Cadillac Entrance at You’re on your own for the pizza! Viva Las Vegas, baby!